Baby Step #4 Little eyes and little lies

www.1000babysteps.comIt’s an odd title, and this is going to be an atypical post, because the subject is awkward:


You’ve heard of Honest Abe.

Well, meet Honest Babe. At least that is my hope for Naomi–that she will be truthful, tenderhearted, and improve the world that she came into.

Of course I can say whatever I want.  She’ll learn by watching what I do.

If pressed, most of us will say we’re relatively honest, but relative to what?

The world is full of corruption.

The common approach seems to be to shrug, say that’s the way it is, and game the system ‘like everyone else.’ As long as the lies are ‘little,’ no worries, right?

I’m no stranger to this thought process, but having a child has really opened my eyes to its dangers.

Naomi is already paying careful attention to everything I do, and that will only intensify.

I want to be able to look into her little eyes and say what’s right and what’s wrong, without blinking.


As always, would love to hear your comments!



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5 responses to “Baby Step #4 Little eyes and little lies

  1. Simone

    I’ve quite enjoyed reading your blog so far & will definatly be back everyday for some more!
    I love reading other peoples insight into the smallest things in life, that sometimes we as adults just simply overlook!
    Thank you for pointing them out to me. Babies are such wonderful bundles of joy & I cannot wait to have my own one day!
    Thanks again!

    btw, your daughter is ADORABLE!

  2. wendy shellard-benna

    Good Day, to the super dad and mom who have created this site for their darling Naomi…inspired by sir awesome Neil…
    and this post, on truth!
    Beautiful-what you’re doing; making the precious memories count… that will outweigh so much of the other stuff.
    You got my attention the first day, having 2 adult children, and now 2 grand children, 5 yrs and 1 about Naomi’s age.
    I believe children help us be the very best we can be and bless you for being a part of the solution toward a better world for her, as this is butterly effect on the world.Truth and authenticity always win! There is still so much beauty…” Desiderata”, M. Ehrman 1930’s
    I watch far less news now-who needs it?! I choose to look for and listen to the positives. I’d rather watch them doing just about anything, like watch a turtle cross the street! Whenever I have the time, I make the time…there’s nothing better! “Turn Around” is an old folk song…true!
    so continue what you’re doing and the focus of things far brighter will grow and grow and grow!!!TRUE!!!

    • G’Day, Wendy! So glad you found our site and to have you join us. I watch far less traditional news these days, too. Seems like the key is to find non-exploitative news sources. In other words, media that doesn’t wallow in other people’s personal tragedies and try to pawn it off as news. It really bugs me that so many kids are growing up seeped in that sort of toxic sludge when parents leave on the TV.

  3. wendy shellard-benna

    Good for you!
    Recently, just came through another “awakening”,when launching a new product, but decided to “push hands” in a “peaceful warrior way” and forge ahead. For the most part, this is healthy conflict-resolution.
    Authenticity and truth glows, shimmers and shines everyone knows!
    Just look at the stars in your baby’s eyes, relections of yours.

    GOOD NEWS today on the mother and child reunion:)
    It was reported: “All the time, the young girl knew the truth.” she did!
    Thanks for making the time.

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