Baby Step #5 Respect your audience! (DANCE VIDEO!)

You’ve seen Shake it like you mean it!,

and you’ve made your wishes known.

So . . .

Back by popular demand . . .

Baby Wrangler Productions

In association with “Stop Embarrassing Me” Studios




(Yes, I actually do say ‘cut’ at the end.)



Filed under Humor

3 responses to “Baby Step #5 Respect your audience! (DANCE VIDEO!)

  1. WeishWeish

    This is so cute :3
    You should not only respect the audience. The audience should respect the performer. Just wanted to say I love your blog so far 🙂
    (P.S. I found your blog through the little speech Freddo gave to Karen on 1000awesomethings)

  2. wendy shellard-benna

    After what I just read on awesome…
    I really needed that!
    My grandson and your daughter could have a great time clogging it up together, eh!
    So delightful. To all of you thankyou!
    THANK YOU!!!

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