Baby Step #6 You don’t need much to enjoy life

Baby Step #6 www.1000babysteps.comA little

bit of vittles.

A warm

hanging-out spot.

A buddy

to hang out with.  And

. . . that’s it.



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6 responses to “Baby Step #6 You don’t need much to enjoy life

  1. Children make wonderful changes in our priorities! Work used to seem important and home could take a backseat….it is so the other way around now! Enjoy your buddy and those vittles!

  2. wendy

    This is really where it’s at… you got that right.
    I left nursing and opened a home-based business in attempt to have the best of both worlds, when my girls were 8 and 13. I can honestly say, I only wished I’d done it sooner. I did not want to leave my babies.
    I hope you have the ways and means to keep on doing what you are.
    Wow, the dimples! What a smile! Blissful, tender, happiness!

  3. Sarah

    Ain’t that the truth! 🙂

  4. Yep, that’s about right. Love the look of adoration in your eyes. We sat and just stared at our eldest the night after he was born. I dunno how long for, but it was good.

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