Baby Step #7 Growing out in style!

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Naomi just grew out of her bassinet.

My reaction:

1) Alarm.

2) Removing her from the bassinet.

3) Texting my wife. (“No more bass. The beast has risen.”)

4) Snapping a few last pictures of her in Ole Bassy, then folding it up and taking it down to the garage.

5) Feeling sad.

Naomi’s reaction:

1) Yay! I can sit up in this thing!

2) Woohoo! Are we going somewhere new?!

3) Oooh, let me touch the little thing with the colorful touchy screen!

4) I didn’t know my bed folded up? Neat-o!

5) Ahhh . . . I love life.

We all grow out of things; out of places; out of relationships; out of entire ways of being.

Thus, Baby Step #7: Learning to do it in style. Gracefully.

If you’ve grown out of something, you may have just grown up a little.


Would love to hear about your experiences. And thank you — each of you — for your interest and support. In the week since launch, the 1000 Baby Steps blog community has gone over the 1,000 hits mark. I’ve put a live hits counter in the sidebar to celebrate! 🙂


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One response to “Baby Step #7 Growing out in style!

  1. wendy

    My grand-daughter has grown gracefully from crawler to dancer.
    My grandson is trying to grow gracefully from sitting to crawling.
    I’m growing more out of being a care giver and more into giving a care!
    “As you give it away, you end up having more!”
    “And in the end…the love you make is equal to the love you take!”
    Have you seen “finding joy”
    so many people passing the love and peace…what a beautiful world!
    Thanks for being a part of this and Have a happy day!

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