Baby Step #8 Back to basics!

Naomi sleeps ten hours a night.

In fact, she eats, exercises and sleeps much better than I do.

Why am I lagging behind a 5-month-old in these critical aspects of life and health?

I obviously have much more life experience, and I like nutritious food, breaking a sweat, and getting to bed early.

Yet, unlike Naomi, I automatically do all the less essential things first.

My guess is that all that life experience has actually led to some unconscious confusion about priorities.

And it’s taking a toll on my health, happiness, and even safety. (Yesterday, I left the keys in the door all night.)

I know I’m not alone. Just among my close friends, I can think of two whose sleep debt rivals the national deficit.

If we’re going to be at our best (for ourselves and our peeps), we really need to start doing what’s important. It’s pretty basic stuff, and that’s the point. Babies do it naturally.

Now that I’ve gotten it through my head that these are priorities, I’m pledging to start now and stay strong. I know it’s going to be a battle royal between my conscious and unconscious, but that’s where I hope all that life experience will come in handy. I clearly need all the help I can get in kicking my unconscious mind’s butt.


Your thoughts? Suggestions? Pledges to the world?



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2 responses to “Baby Step #8 Back to basics!

  1. wendy

    Just as I was about to give you the sermon on “how to…”
    my husband said “nourish your body before there is no-body!”
    I saw a bumper sticker: “Take my advice, I’m not using it!”
    This was common for me as a parent and life skills/
    Then it cost me ALOT and my family has suffered for it too.
    Wisdom is not defined by age but by what we choose to do with our experiences. Naomi has it right and remember what you said in #4: “she is watching you!” she feels it and will worry about you.
    To be a great caregiver, you must first care for self.
    Create a “holistic wellness wheel” and post it where you will see it and integrate. Listen to your body, and if need be speak aloud like Winnie the Pooh does, “I said to myself, myself I said… eat, talk, walk, rest, breathe, play, hydrate, feel, exercise…oh bother”…
    stove, locks, keys, kettle, cookies, keys!!! safety first!!!and so on.
    Try some Biostrath elexir for balanced energy. I gaurantee it will help.
    Be mindful…you are needed, “River Deep, Mountain High!”

  2. Priorities become clouded as our responsibilities multiply. Laundry, grocery shopping, walking the dog,… These are the sorts of chores babies know not, luckily. It compromises our basic needs, but by doing too much that isn’t napping and eating – we are protecting our Children’s right to be a child – free from worry.

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