Baby Step #13 Chalk around the block!

#13 www.1000babysteps.comLet’s face it, having a kid is the perfect excuse to start drawing on stuff with chalk again. But you really don’t need one.


Because you — yes, you my friend — have a tiny repressed artiste inside of you. Mine is a malnourished little Frenchman who wears a maroon-colored beret and smokes unfiltered Gauloises. And, believe me, Jean-Paul needs a day out!

So, whether it’s that sad sidewalk in front of your house, that bare wall by your apartment building, or (if you’re all shy like) that pathetic little piece of pavement around back, borrow some chalk from your little local artistes — or splurge on a box of Crayola Low Dust– and go at it!


What’s your repressed artiste’s name?



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2 responses to “Baby Step #13 Chalk around the block!

  1. wendy

    Imaginaton is de-light-ful intelligence at play!
    While we’re still making snow angels, skating outdoors and sledding …
    Enjoy your sidewalks and Go for it U2, “In the name of LOVE!”

  2. Jarrett Gchat-a-master-is-I

    It’s Marks with Thunder.

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