Baby Step #16 Listening for pleasure #15

First hearing test (Day after birth)

So Cheeky Chupeta and I will be hanging out when she’ll suddenly perk up, turn toward the door, and dimple in delight.

What? I don’t hear anything.

Then I’ll focus, really listen, and realize that she’s enjoying the subtle jingle-jangle of our beagle’s dog tags across the house.

It is a really nice sound.

When we think of listening for pleasure, we tend to think of music. But taking a cue from Lil’ All Ears, I’m paying attention to the sonorous delights of dog snoring and the pitter-patter of approaching footsteps. It’s a rich soundscape we live in, if we take the time to slow down, shut up and enjoy it.

After Cheeky’s first hearing test at the hospital, the nurse declared her to have good hearing. Now I’m realizing that it’s not just the hearing, it’s the listening.


What sounds do you savor when you’re not running around like a headless chicken?



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4 responses to “Baby Step #16 Listening for pleasure

  1. wendy

    In Baby Step #16, I hear a jingle in the heart of the home. A tender tone of a well slept father. I hear a sense of “It’s a new day! Hurray!”
    I hear the kind of peace, harmony and accord, like that of a baby’s first cry, (baby step #11), and, really sweet:)
    Where we live at about 2000′ above sea level, in forested mountains, I hear (and see), rare and beautiful birds. Even turkey vultures . Pheasants and grouse nest nearby. Such variety people travel abroad.
    I love to hear the rustling leaves from birch, or the snow fall on white pines.
    I hear coyotes, moose, wolves and even bears at times…our neighbors roosters, donkey and chickens. I hear everyone owns 1-3 dogs, some more! Although they are here, Thank God, I’ve never heard a grizzly, cougar, badger or wolverine, though know people who have, hope I never do, because that would mean “I Kiss the sky!”
    And sometimes, on my walk-abouts from a particularly tall mountain peek, I hear favorite tunes of loved ones gone, like “Aidellviese”, “The hills are alive”, or “Somewhere my love,” My heat is warmed with their smiles and love I was blessed to know, I am grateful to all these sounds around and deep within my soul.

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