1000 Baby Steps is my quest to discover and share small steps toward a better life for myself and other supposed grown-ups based on what I learn from my baby daughter over the next 1,000 days.

I’m a writer and stay-at-home dad in Mill Valley, California. This blog was inspired by 1) the world’s most awesome baby (objectively speaking)  2) the 1000 Awesome Things blog, and 3) a growing sense that life is um, awesomer, when I pay very close attention to the hobbit by my side.

If you have a baby — and especially if you don’t — I hope you’ll join us.


“Great early-fatherhood blog.”   — Peter Lerangis (author of the award-winning Smiler’s Bones and bestselling 39 Clues children’s book series)

“Sweet post.”   — Peggy Orenstein (author of the acclaimed bestseller Schoolgirls, and contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine), in response to:

Is Pink Necessary? (A ‘special edition’ in response to NYT article) | 1000 Baby Steps


5 responses to “About

  1. Jennifer Main

    I’m a mother of 2 daughters, A Grandma to 2 granddaughters ages 12 and 9, I have a grandson due in April and another granddaughter due in May and my significant other’s daughter is due one day after my daughter in May – also having a girl. It’s going to be a hairy Spring in my world and I’m ready to LOVE each and EVERY minute of these magnificent changes in my life!

    • Jennifer–It’ll be especially hairy if they’re born with hair and don’t lose a strand, like my Naomi =:-)
      I hope you’ll subscribe and share your experiences with all of us!

  2. great site. i can relate, having raised two boys. gorgeous baby! good luck.

  3. Great site! What a wonderful idea and SO refreshing… Your baby is adorable… uh, oh, I mean: awesome! and the doggie too (of course, a Beagle!)

  4. Surfing the waves of the web I am pleasantly stranded in this beautiful blog.

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