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Baby Step #19 Work with what ya got! #19


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Baby Step #15 Don’t be shy about expressing your needs

Lil’ Squeaky definitely wasn’t bashful about letting us know she needed us last night.

Every two hours.

So I won’t be sheepish about what I need right now:


Okay, have a good day.


For more on this inexhaustible topic, check out the “I Have A Dream” MLK Day Special.

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Baby Step #12 Understanding that no one is more beloved than the bringer of breakfast in bed


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Baby Step #9 Cultivate the Art of the Nickname

Start simple:


Love Bug


Sweet Pea

Sweet Potato



Jumping Bean


Lou Lou


Giggles Biggles

Be honest:

The Wolverine



Little Poo

Get creative:


Vigorosa McSqueals


Fuss Biscuit



Eliot Spitzer

Biggie Smalls

And spread the love!

I want to hear your nicknames!


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Is Pink Necessary? (A ‘special edition’ in response to NYT article)

Before we had our daughter, the following kid’s clothing store opened up in our town:

Cringeworthy, eh? Why would you want to tell girls that they are ‘honeys,’ while boys get to be ‘heroes’?

As yesterday’s New York Times Book Review of Orenstein’s Cinderella Ate My Daughter points out: to sell, of course!

Disney is one of the main culprits, with their relentless princess products merchandising to girls, and their Princesses & Heroes On Ice shows.

(It’s not Princesses and Princes; it’s Princesses and Heroes. Think about the message this sends to girls and, if you’re inspired, email Disney corporate:

Because of our disgust with the whole ‘princess-industrial complex,’ my wife and I made a conscious effort not to register for anything ‘princessy’ for our daughter’s baby shower.

What happened?

A lot of princess pink happened.

We don’t believe in throwing away clothes because of their color, but I am documenting this ‘ocassional princess’ phase and will show it to Naomi when she’s a little older. My message is simple: there’s nothing wrong with princesses; it’s just that they’re not a great match for girls. Unlike princesses and ‘honeys,’ girls don’t need to wait to be rescued by princes and heroes. They can do great things on their own. They can be heroes.

So, yes, princesses are a necessary part of our world. In fact, I think they’re a great match for the most dependent beings of all — babies.

As always, would love to hear your comments!


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